The Foundation Restorative Circles (Stichting Herstelcirkels) offers various opportunities to learn more about Restorative Circles and Restorative Systems.

For these activities, we request a voluntary donation to the foundation Restorative Circles, in order to help spread this approach.

Contact us if you want more information: (READ MORE under Contact)

On demand, we give (interactive) presentations and lectures on Restorative Circles, with a demonstration of a restorative circle if desired.

Introductory workshops
On demand, we give introductory workshops in which you can experience restorative circles and - if you wish – set out to become a facilitator.




Apart from the informative activities the Foundation Restorative Circles undertakes, various people who have followed the workshops and trained for several years, offer workshops and training through their own business practises. Some of them are member of the board of the Foundation Restorative Circles, others are not. (READ MORE under Who Are We)

The following services are offered, tailor-made if required:

"Insight in your conflict" workshops
In these workshops, you can bring a conflict which is ‘alive’ into a (semi-simulated) restorative circle, allowing you to gain insight into the conflict as well as your own role and needs.

Facilitation of a Restorative Circle
Experienced facilitators can be called in, if there are no facilitators available in your own community.

Implementing a Restorative System
We can help introduce a Restorative System in your organisation or community.

Training to install a Restorative System
On demand, we provide training for the organisational and content aspects of installing and maintaining a restorative system.

Training for facilitators
We provide a training -involving several days- for facilitators.

On demand, we help develop intervision for facilitators.


The remuneration for working hours and travel costs is agreed upon between the facilitators and participants at the outset.

After having gone through the restorative circle process, participants may decide to donate an extra appreciative contribution.

We have practise groups in a number of cities. Facilitators or those who wish to become a facilitator can participate in semi-simulated circles and practise and improve their skills.

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Den Bosch

Utrecht and surroundings (Groenekan and Stichtse Vecht)